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From Every Angle. Wheel Unity Woods.

In response to

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

So although this is mostly looking up, I tried to do a number of angles around a local mine called Unity Woods. The Wheel refers to the title (like Mr/Mrs/Miss ect.) that these mines where given. Abandoned for over 100 years now, they still hold strong in the landscape reminding us of our heritage. A place to draw, photograph and enjoy but one must always remember the dangers they carry with them.

The little red bettle

A quick post about a curious red beetle.

Upon walking the downs around Oxford,  I came across this fascinating red beetle. I am unsure of what he is, at first I thought him  Cardinal Beetle, but the shape and head are wrong, next I though a Net winged beetle but again the head is wrong as is the wing case. This spot of brilliant red remains a mystery to me, should anyone know what it is I would love to know.

DSCN9813    DSCN9853 DSCN9815