A day of sun

It’s raining, it’s sunny, it’s windy, back to rain, thunder next, some more sun then back to the default of grey. The British summer this year has been a hard one to predict, with the Met office computer no doubt overheating trying to tell us if we should wear sun cream or a rain coat. Most likely both.

So on a day off and one that saw the sun come out, I ended up traveling to the famous Lulworth cove and Durdle door. This famous arch rising rugged from the groping sea is probably one of the most photographed bits of the Southern UK coastline and I add to the many number of these photo’s, though mine are by no means great. Weak fractures in the rock are quickly exposed by the relentless tides, faulting and eroding like decay in the rock. One day the land above the arch will fall into the sea, abandoning the end to become a stack, a stump finally ending in a step engulfed by the sea. Landscapes are forever changing and we glimpse but a snapshot of the life of the land, sea and sky.


While many visitors make quick haste to the door, traveling like lines of ants down the tumbling slope, I would advise the walk I took, that traveling along the clifftops where rolling Dorset hills fall into the ocean like cut cake. This landscape is far from a mellow one. Upon these hills sit rich limestone grasslands with greens of all imaginations, whites, purples, yellows, reds and blues scattered in amongst them. Upon these are a myriad is insects and birds, a wander off the beaten track. Here are just of a few of those that can be found when you wander off.


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